When we grew up, my wonderful Grandma created a photo album of highlights from our childhood for each of us - that’s nine grandchildren! When she passed away in early 2018, for all of us, the love she poured into those books became a tangible way we could cherish her and our special relationship.

This, along with my newly discovered role of first time mum, prompted me to create Me-Moir, making it easy for all of us to create such a beautiful document for our families. We took some 3036 images of our wee man in his first year, and despite the best of intentions, printed hardly any of them. That’s until Me-Moir morphed from a dream into a reality.

Me-Moir is designed to help take one more thing off the to-do list, taking all those beautiful pictures you are taking, getting them from those phones, and into something that will last for generations to come.

From our family to yours, we hope you cherish creating your album as much as we cherish the opportunity to bring your stories to life on the page.

Thanks for stopping by, and we’d love for you to join us on our journey


Alana, Gareth & Duncan (the family behind Me-Moir)


Inspired by our childhood and children, helping you capture yours.


What is Me-Moir?

Put simply, Me-Moir is an online tool that enables you to create a tangible, ever-growing photo album of your special memories.

The photo album was once a beautiful biographical artifact, but in the age of digital immediacy, the tradition of the photo album has been lost.

Times have changed. We’ve changed the way we take photos and it’s time to change the way we make photo albums. Now, with Me-Moir, it’s easy to create the pages of your album the way you create photos - every day - to make it an ever-present part of life again.

Because you pay a subscription, it keeps you invested in the process. Because you add to the album page by page, month by month, it develops organically - just like life - as a living biographical album that grows up with you.

Me-Moir is the photo album that grows up with you.